Now Open For Business

May 8, 2009

I have learned that, due to the busy time (for bugs) and my tirelessly trying to recruit enough customers to make my company successful, I fall behind in writing a full seasonal newletter. So instead I will start a blog. This way any pest issues that pop to mind in my day to day operations I can just take 5 minutes and post an update.

The first thing I want to share with my customers and potental customers is why I went through the ordeal (that is not hyperbole) of getting my license and starting a business. Most would think for financial reasons, but that is last on the list for me. So here is the list in order of what I wish to gain from this:

1. Autonomy - I want to be able to do the things I know are right. Too often I would know the proper way to treat a problem, yet my employer found it to be too difficult, or too expensive, or felt it might alienate a customer, instead insisting on an illegal or ultimately ineffective treatment. I, as a "good team player" would not defy the way the boss wanted to run the company, although if I was not in agreement, I would often say someone else would have to do the job. Those who know me know I am very prideful in my vast knowledge of the pest and pesticides, as well as being accurate and right in my assessment and guarantees. I communicate zealously, so zealously, I probably test the patience of some of my clients. But I truly believe that to be successful, the pest control on your home must be a partnership between you and me. I also believe that people's fear of bugs, spiders, and insecticides stems from a failure to communicate the realities of these entities.

2. Smarter. Safer. Better. - I do not spray my home very often. Pesticides are the last line of defense at my home. This is also the stated position of every governmental and private group with oversight in the pest control field. Integrated Pest Management has been the overarching position in the training and testing of every pest control technician for over 30 years. Yet every company in this area offers to spray chemicals first, last and always, and the public has been conditioned to believe this is the only way. People with small children, breathing problems, allergies, failing health or auto-immunity issues are forced to choose between pesticides or pests in the home. This is all false! I offer mulching, trimming, caulking, gluetraps, lighting, and screening, to name a few, techniques that are just as efficient, if not more so, in handling many common household pest problems.

3. Flex scheduling - Often I couldn't return to check on a pest problem because it was inconvenient to management. I would be late to doctors appointments because I was scheduled up to the time of the appointment, (regardless of weeks notice). I'd get called back to the office because the owners had a dinner date even though there was more daylight and a few things I could be getting done. If I wanted to do my 40 hours as 10 hour days Monday through Thursday, and spend a long weekend with my family, it was scoffed at and refused. Being my own boss allows me to schedule more wisely and economically, allowing me more time to make the company grow, spend time with a particularly tough pest situation (can anyone say bedbugs?) or just on outside interests.

4. Ego - I want to be able to follow through. I want to be the first and last word on how to solve a problem. I want to know I am wholely responsible for the success in helping others, but more so, to know that if I fail in an instance, it wasn't due to a mistake of some other person "working with me". I wanted my own license, not to be working for a man who is working under his mom's license. If someone asks me if I have my license or if I own the company, I like saying "Yes". I want the freedom to get the appropriate supplies and, at least, offer the customer the best possible solutions without having to plead and make concessions to the person with authority.

5. Financial - I've got no dilusions of raking in millions. I would, however, like to treat friends and family to a nice dinner without worrying what the meal amounted to. I'd like to pay off my house and squirrel away for retirement. I would like to afford quality insurance so a future health problem won't bankrupt me. I could have done this where I was, but I can maybe, eventually, do it faster on my own.

OK this one actually took 45 minutes but future blogs will be shorter,